Rupaul Realness-” I Met Him on the Dance Floor” Interlude

So I got Rupual’s album –REALNESS and I am in love with a 45 second Intrerlude called-

” I Met Him on the Dance Floor”.

I placed it in alot of my playlists, and every time I hear it, it feels as good as I heard it the 1st time….


I drew the sketch above as part of my first Valentines card to Peter in 1996,  and even though it’s been 20 years ago, it continues to feels like a week ago…

and as Rupaul so eloquently puts it– we too have been ” dancing ever since”……

now it’s time to listen to Rupaul’s “I Blame You” (featuring Ellis Miah) from his REALNESS album, ……sooo good 😉