inspiration finds me waning

I find that as I get older day by day, inspiration finds ME waning……so either I let it continue to diminish….or I get up and chase it down and wrestle it to the ground-pin it– and mold it to fit and I devour it…..and hope for it to be regurgitated on paper…like a big momma bird feeding its hungry chicks–I call on Hemingway and his Moveable Feast to consume  my head of words and images of day to day feasts of humanness to be translated…..or I just watch a whole lot of youtube videos and afterwards feel so numb to any connections that my head flops over from overload of imagery—over charged and heavy, breast full of milk and no baby to feed…..its a constant push and pull with most times the results are futile,….why then do we keep searching?

How do mermaids have sex?…more like humans or fish?–would they have sex with a human or a fish?–I wondered as I drew her perfect bubble breasts where the origin of a mermaid have come about–okayyyy I know I can google it but sometimes- it’s good to not know and just enjoy wondering…..IMG_4555