With the one life given to us, I am trying to do what I can — whatever that is suppose to be-

it’s all going on at once in my head, one right after another-sometimes I wish for a power outage-most times I wish I never have to sleep…

Having to be the biggest collector of my own artworks, I have finally decided to do something about it, which took me to creating my own Coloring Book. Thanks to a supportive husband and a wonderful son, I was able to put my head together and figure out somewhat of what I can be doing. 🙂

For Sale on Amazon-


Below is the quote about it on the amazon page:

“Color My Botanicals Coloring Book Volume 1 is a book of 28 free hand drawings inspired by the beauty and energy of flowers. Flowing lines swirl around petals and leaves, gesturing the viewer to join in and color it’s existence. Floral images merges and positions itself along vines of leaves, moving within it’s pages. Not the purist botanical drawings but just enough to inspire any color combinations can work within it’s lines. Take your coloring creatively to the next level. Color My Botanical Coloring Book Volume 1 is drawn to be colored by you.”

Anyways–I am currently enjoying my time on instagram–

come see and join me on my instagram page :



“I am never sure what is next, but I always anticipate it-I am anxious, in love, in hunger, in joy, and emotional-all the time. I love how the chemical makeup in human beings can create what we all are today.” Jinah  (me)

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