infused in instagram

Like most things I get myself into- I have jumped head first into instagram in May/2016, and have posted 362 times and barely came up to breathe. I understand now how everyone walks around with their head crooked over their phones- cause now I am one of them. What was I doing before this infatuation? I might have been more alert to traffic for one and walk with a straighter back. Not sure how long the lust for it will last but as long as  I am in it–I am probably gonna have as much fun as I can.

Below are some posts (all images since I refused to pay extra for video privilages on wordpress)

I have to say the extra drawings I have been doing have awoken an urge I remember feeling when I was in school-and it’s making me 🙂 and :0 at the same time.

til the next time I remember I have this blog–see you on instagram


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