infused in instagram

Like most things I get myself into- I have jumped head first into instagram in May/2016, and have posted 362 times and barely came up to breathe. I understand now how everyone walks around with their head crooked over their phones- cause now I am one of them. What was I doing before this infatuation? I might have been more alert to traffic for one and walk with a straighter back. Not sure how long the lust for it will last but as long as  I am in it–I am probably gonna have as much fun as I can.

Below are some posts (all images since I refused to pay extra for video privilages on wordpress)

I have to say the extra drawings I have been doing have awoken an urge I remember feeling when I was in school-and it’s making me 🙂 and :0 at the same time.

til the next time I remember I have this blog–see you on instagram


Lucy (Movie)

So I must have watched the movie LUCY every time it’s been on hbo. Scarlett Johansson’s acting was amazing and the director Luc Besson– phenomenal. I know the story is fiction but the possibility it aroused in me was like wow-only if it was true and possible. The movie to me–encompassed alot of thoughts to what makes us what we are — at least to me– and how fragile it is at the same time. So–I went and bought the dvd so I can watch it every time I take anything for granted–like life.


Just a thought as I got older this year–to always stay true and in truth–and surround myself with people who stays true as well.

Regrets suck—don’t want any added to my life going forward….

Rupaul Realness-” I Met Him on the Dance Floor” Interlude

So I got Rupual’s album –REALNESS and I am in love with a 45 second Intrerlude called-

” I Met Him on the Dance Floor”.

I placed it in alot of my playlists, and every time I hear it, it feels as good as I heard it the 1st time….


I drew the sketch above as part of my first Valentines card to Peter in 1996,  and even though it’s been 20 years ago, it continues to feels like a week ago…

and as Rupaul so eloquently puts it– we too have been ” dancing ever since”……

now it’s time to listen to Rupaul’s “I Blame You” (featuring Ellis Miah) from his REALNESS album, ……sooo good 😉


Coloring my own drawings & Hopefully Selling too! ;)

So my 1st Adult Coloring Book is on sale on Amazon,


Love that my drawings can find another purpose to exist other than in my head and sketchbook–Happy Coloring to all who Purchase and Color along with me!

I have been busy coloring my own work and, I seem to like doing it more and more–I might have to get started on Volume 2 soon,

more on my instagram page




can’t have too many hearts

I loved making this heart thing. It was all done with one heart stencil I cut out from wax paper, and—I kept using it til the stencil was ruined—all the while I watched 4 episodes of Midsummer Murders on Netflix–what a night it was…..IMG_1141 IMG_1140

I wasn’t really thinking what I was gonna do with it,

I was enjoying the process so much; each press with the roller was like an instant painting.

IMG_1137 IMG_1680

After it was glued down and placed —I liked how it kept the image & feel I liked most about it—all placed together in no specific order.

IMG_1677 IMG_1142


100 hearts and aches…(the good kind)

I needed about 100 heart cards to make a display for Valentines Day.

But I didn’t want to paint 100 hearts, …I am so impatient.

So I thought the fastest way was to make a stamp-

So I had a rotting potato, got a knife and started carving a heart stamp.


The red blob is craft acrylic paint (more fluid than the kind you would use for painting a picture), no blood was split during this process.


Yes, it was as messy as it looked, but I worked too hard to just let it go–and I was dying to see how it would print.

IMG_1650I really liked the way the raw potato took on the acrylic paint and how it transferred to the paper, and I also noticed by changing the pressure and how much paint was on or off the potato changed the look of the heart when I stamped it on the paper. By the way–the paper I used was the cheapest, heaviest (140lb) watercolor paper; pads are the most economical way to buy them.


After stamping a few–I started to feel real good about them. And it was too easy to do-which made me love doing it even more.IMG_1648.jpg

Every single one of these hearts were stamped on by the single raw potato heart. As irregular as the surface was, the potato kept it’s shape throughout the stamping.

IMG_1649When I started the project, my initial problem was how to start, but at the end, the problem became where to place all these cards to dry.

IMG_1651So I had way too much fun making these cards, and the process was way faster than projected. As I was waiting for them to dry, I decided to decorate the other side of each of the cards.

Next post – I guess,  we’ll see how that’s going.